My name is Sabrena Rexing, and I am a motherhood photographer in Austin, Texas. What exactly is a motherhood photographer? Well, I love capturing the moments that make a mother – from belly to baby, I want you to have the beautiful memories of those first few years as a mother.

I was inspired to start taking photos after I had a wonderful wedding photographer capture my special day. I started Sabrena Rexing Photography in 2009 with a goal to capture the beauty of my clients and create lasting memories.

I first fell in love with Birth photography in 2012, not only was I able to capture a mother’s most special day but I provided beautiful images to mothers for them to look back on and cherish the memories surrounding the birth of their child. I was inspired even more to pursue birth photography when I hired my own birth photographer for my second son – the feeling I got as a client looking through these gorgeous photos was something I will never forget. That feeling is what I want to offer mothers-to be.

Breastfeeding photography is something I will do to the end of my days, it really is my calling. I love to capture the intimate moments between a mother and her nursing child. I have nursed both of my sons and it is one of the most difficult and most powerful things I have done as a mother. Breastfeeding can be very tough at the beginning, so capturing those moments can be so empowering for a mother. I have personally had breastfeeding photos taken and they are some of the most beautiful images I have.

Please feel free to contact via e-mail, phone or Facebook at any time. I would love to hear from you and I am always looking for lifelong clients. Thank you so much for your interest!