Birth Photography – What To Expect

The very first thing we will talk about what kind of photos you want me to take (conservative or include “the money shot”) and what kind of photos are to be included in your album.

I will periodically follow up with you throughout your pregnancy to see how you are progressing.

Once labor begins, I ask that you let me know as soon as you know so I can start making arrangements to be with you. I will head to your place of birth when you are around 6cm dilated, or once contractions are 4-5 minutes apart lasting for one minute (active labor).

When I arrive at your birthing location, I will start by taking some “story telling” photos of the environment and a few of you in those early contractions.

Birth Photography Austin

I try to avoid using flash, however during the middle of the night births with low light, it is imperative I use flash to capture those special moments.

As your labor progresses, I take photos intermittently when a photo worthy moment arises.

Once you are ready to push, I will likely turn on my flash (unless it is the middle of the day with great natural light) as to not miss “the moment”.

Throughout my entire time with you, I do my best to be a “fly on the wall” and out of the way. My job is to document what is happening, not to interfere.

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Birth Photography FAQ

When do you go on call for me and what if I go into labor early?
I officially go on call for you at 38 weeks and stay on call until you deliver your baby. This means I do not make any plans more than an hour away from my house for at least 4 weeks so I can be ready when you go into labor. It also means that sometimes I will miss family events such as birthday parties or even Christmas so that I can be with you on your child’s birth day. If you start having labor symptoms prior to 38 weeks, I want to know! Its likely that I am on call for another birth so I will be in town, and can make it to your birth should you deliver early. If I am not available, I will do everything I can to get my backup birth photographer there for you.

How much does birth photography cost?
You can see my birth photography packages on my pricing page here. I accept payment plans and can even create a registry for you to send out to friends and family to donate to in lieu of a baby shower gift!

I love all of the images you share online, but I don’t want my birth photos to be shared anywhere. Is this an issue?
Not at all! I completely understand wanting to maintain privacy in this very special time of your life. I love sharing birth photos, but I make sure to get mom’s permission before sharing any on social media or my website. If you want your photos completely private, thats fine!

When should I book you for my birth?
It is really up to you, however you should know that I only take on 2 or 3 births a month and usually am booked out 2 months. So if you are considering hiring me for birth photography, try to contact me by your 6th month in pregnancy! Of course you can always contact me after that too and I might have space available (and will do everything I can to fit you in!).

Do you photograph hospital births? Do hospitals allow it? 
I definitely photograph ALL births, including hospital births. Each hospital is different, as is each doctor however I have not ran into any issues yet. We will confirm your hospital allows birth photography before your due date, and when I arrive I make sure to introduce myself to everyone and conduct myself in a very professional manner.