When people ask, “how long have you been a photographer?”, I am not one of those people who respond with, “Well I guess I have been a photographer my whole life, taking pictures as soon as I had the dexterity in my hands to hold a camera.” No, in fact I know exactly when I became a photographer. It was when I purchased my first DSLR camera. Yes, I have been taking pictures my whole life. Yes, I have enjoyed capturing memories and looking back on those memories for as long as I can remember. But I wasn’t always a photographer.  I became a photographer in 2009 when I started seeing the world in a completely different way. I started seeing light and I started seeing depth in ways that I had never seen them before. That was when I started using my camera as my eye. That is when I started learning what I am truly passionate about in this world.

It took me 5 years as a photographer to hone in on my exact passion. I experimented with all sorts of photography genres, specializing in children’s photography for a while because I was naturally good at it. But it was when I started to do more women’s photography that I realized what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to use my photography to show the world strong, amazing women.

empowering women - Austin Birth Breastfeeding & Boudoir Photographer

A year ago I made a decision – that I was going to specialize in Women’s photography. More specifically, I wanted my photography to Empower Women – to show them their strengths, to show them their power, and to show the world that these women are special. I want women to have lasting memories of one of the strongest days of their life and not let society’s view of birth photography prevent them from having these memories (so many people say, “EIW! Birth Photography is gross! Who wants photos of that?). I want to help normalize breastfeeding for moms across Central Texas and everywhere else, showing people that a breastfeeding mother is beautiful and nothing to be scared of, and certainly not someone we should shame. I want to encourage women who don’t have the body of a supermodel to bare all and be proud of their bodies, and take boudoir photos because they are absolutely beautiful. I want the world to see women differently than it has in the past. And I want to be a small part of that change.

I realized there is a way for me to help make that change a little faster – by recruiting other photographers who share similar goals across the world, and having them share their stories and their photos. One central place where we can create change together. Last month, my idea came to fruition. I launched a new Facebook page called, “A Woman’s Strength” – a page where photographers from around the world can share their work and we can collectively start creating change. I envision this page being a place where beautiful photos of strong women are shared and celebrated on a daily basis. A place where anyone can go and really appreciate how strong women can be. An art collective of women. This place isn’t about me and my work – but about ALL women.

I would absolutely love for you to come join us on A Woman’s Strength. And if you are a photographer, I would be honored if you shared your photos of strong women on the page for all to see, ANY strong woman (not just of birth, breastfeeding or boudoir). Together, we can create change.

Click here to come “like” the page and share your work.

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November 8, 2015

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