April is c-section awareness month, and I am proud that I get to share this story of a courageous mother who had to change her plans of a natural home birth and make the brave decision to have her twin girls via cesarean section.

I was contacted in January by Rose who was expecting twin girls. When we met in person, we talked about the beautiful birth she was planning. She wanted to have her babies at home with a fabulous midwife team (of Central Texas Birth Center) with her mother by her side. The room would have fresh flowers and since she had moved here from Hawaii, she would have fresh leis for everyone to wear. She painted a picture with her words, and it was beautiful.

I kept in contact with Rose every few weeks to see how the pregnancy was progressing, how she was feeling, and to make sure she had all of her birth photography questions answered. The day before she was 38 weeks along I got a call from Rose, her plan was changing. Due to the circumstance, she would be inducing the following day in the hospital. We talked for a while, I asked her how she felt about it and how she was adjusting to the change in plan. I wanted to make sure her emotions were being taken care of while she was taking care of her twin girls. I know this could not have been an easy transition, as I am personally aware of how it feels when your beautiful birth plan changes abruptly. She seemed cautiously optimistic. She knew this change was best for her baby girls, but it was still so new and she needed time to digest it all.

I knew the induction could take a while, since this was her first pregnancy and they were inducing at 38 weeks, so I kept in contact with her and her mom the day of the induction so they could let me know as soon as labor picks up. Rose labored ferociously that day, her body tried to get those baby girls out but ultimately, it did not appear those girls would come out without some surgical assistance. A c-section was planned and soon she was in the operating room. I arrived at the hospital just as she was being wheeled into the OR, so I waited patiently for news.

Grandma (Rose’s mom) came out of the OR with the most beautiful twin baby girls you have ever seen. I followed her and the nurses to the nursery where the girls were cleaned and measured, and then swaddled up cozy for their walk to go see mom. It was immediately clear how much love was surrounding those sweet babies, from Rose’s selfless decisions to abandon her natural birth plan and do what was needed for a safe delivery, to Grandma’s kisses and hugs and star-gazing eyes.

I stayed with Rose and the girls (Reymi & Satori) for a while taking photos. Rose was so happy, so content, so in love with being a mother.

I am so honored to be able to take photos for Rose, and that I get to share a few of those with you.

For more stories about home birth plans changing to cesarean sections and the emotion impact those changes have, please visit Homebirth Cesarean International.



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April 14, 2015

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