*****SHHHHHHH – the following post contains photos that will be use for a Christmas gift for my husband – so if you see him, don’t say anything. He has no idea!*****

I like to say there is a reason I am behind the camera, rather that a model in front of the camera. I am terrified that I will look weird in photos. I am self conscious, constantly worrying what I look like when I am the subject of the photo. Suck the tummy in. Stand up straight. Don’t look awkward. There is a lot to remember, so I tend to shy away from getting pictures taken of me.  Even pictures on my phone that my husband takes – I am always critiquing how I look and usually ask him to take a second picture, this time without the double chin or the weird eyes.

Maybe its not always that bad, but yes I definitely prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

A few months ago I realized something – whenever I talked to women about doing a boudoir shoot, a lot of the same excuses came up as to why they didn’t want to do one. The most common one – “I will as soon as I lose the last 10 pounds.” Always 10 pounds, even if they don’t need to lose an ounce. And I tell them they are beautiful, and that they should consider doing photos now because I will pose them in ways that flatter them, plus I can always use Photoshop for a little nip and tuck (though I tend to stay away from too much editing, as I want them to see how gorgeous they are WITHOUT Photoshop). And we never know what the future holds, so why put off doing something for YOU just because of a few pounds?

In October, I saw an Instagram post from a photographer in Las Vegas that I follow and admire, Jess W Photography, advertising pin-up Christmas sessions and they just happened to be held on a weekend I would be visiting Vegas! My immediate thought was, “How fun! I totally want to do that!” and the very next thought was “if only I could lose 10 more pounds.”  And that is when it hit me like a freight train – it wasn’t necessarily that I wanted to, or  needed to lose 10 pounds. As a photographer who does this regularly, I knew that Jess would pose me in ways that flatter my body. And I knew that Jess would Photoshop areas that I was self conscious about.  It was that I was genuinely scared of being in front of the camera, having someone else watch me and judge me, and then edit out all the insecurities that I live with daily. {Damn you belly, won’t you just go away already!?!?} And it was at that moment that I knew that I HAD to do this shoot with Jess – not just for me because I thought it would be fun, but for every woman out there who is too scared to do a boudoir shoot with me.

Before I could change my mind, I contacted Jess and signed up for my session. I started preparing for my session, and I learned a few things about getting ready to be in front of the camera. I want to share a few tips that I learned (and reminders that were reinforced as I went through the process).

And without further ado……here are some of the photos from my pin-up session with Jess W Photography.

Austin Boudoir Photographer

Austin Boudoir Photographer


If you are in Las Vegas and are interested in a pin-up shoot, check out Jess W Photography. You can find her on Facebook or Instagram.

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December 10, 2015

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