Breastfeeding Photography – What to Expect

For all of my breastfeeding sessions, I will offer guidence and advice on locations and outfit choices. You can email or text me photos of outfit options and I will give you my input based on what has and has not worked for other breastfeeding photography clients.

At the session, we will spend about an hour taking photos. You will nurse your baby as naturally as possible – that means if baby is not interseted in nursing then we don’t force it. We do what the baby wants!

When baby is breastfeeding, I will walk around you taking photos, occasionally asking you to look at me or in a certain direction. Otherwise you will look at your child or look around, whatever you normally do. When baby does not want to nurse, I will take posed and lifestyle “mommy & me” photos, capturing the beauty of your relationship.

After the session, it will take me 2-3 weeks to edit your photos. Once the photos are ready to view, we will schedule a time to meet and you will pick your favorite photos and decide what products you want to purchase. I will show you samples of all of the products I offer and will provide recommendations on which products would be best for the photos you have chosen. Small albums and digital images are very popular for breastfeeding sessions

Once your products are ready, about 1-2 weeks after your ordering session, I will deliver them to your home or you can pick them up at my office.

Breastfeeding Photos Austin TX