Attention breastfeeding moms of Austin and surrounding areas! I have discovered something I wish I knew about long, long ago! It’s called Breastfeeding Cafe and it is awesome.

A few weeks back I attended a meeting at Austin Born, a “boutique parenting center”. I met two of the center’s main providers, Phyllis & Stephanie, and I was so impressed with their facility. Stephanie spoke about her Breastfeeding Cafe that she holds in the center and I knew I had to learn more. I connected with her after the meeting was over, learned more about the cafe and told her that I would LOVE to come take photos of one of the events. From their website,”…it is a safe space where the other moms will not mind if you are late, your baby cries the whole time, you leak milk, and/or you are not yet comfortable with anyone else touching your baby. It’s OK, we get it.” And from what I witnessed, it was an amazing support group for women who are going through the same thing.

A few weeks ago I attended my first Breastfeeding Cafe as a photographer. I wish I had known about it when I was a breastfeeding mom, this is definitely something I would have loved to attend. There was a large group of women with their babies in attendance. From a 2 week old newborn to a little girl who just turned 1, you could feel the love and support in the room.

Some women needed a little extra support that day and all I could do is nod my head the whole time knowing that I had been in their shoes, said the exact same words, felt the same pain and love, and knew they would be ok.

Thank you, Phyllis & Stephanie, for inviting me into your space. And thank you to the breastfeeding moms who are so open and willing to let me share some photos of that day.

Check out Austin Born’s website for more information about the Breastfeeding Cafe.

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December 20, 2015

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