In February, I was contacted by a fellow photographer, she asked if I could take some breastfeeding photos of her and her daughter. I am sure you know my answer – YES!!

Summer is the mama to two beautiful girls. Her youngest is 22 months old and she wanted to capture the nursing relationship while it is still going strong. What many people don’t realize, is breastfeeding can be tough and stressful and cause many tears, so making it to 22 months and beyond is something to be very proud of. Capturing images of that beautiful relationship so you can look back for years to come is part of why I have started this #empoweringwomen photography.

We headed out to downtown Round Rock on a Saturday afternoon and walked around while Summer nursed and I took photos. It was a really beautiful day and lots of lovely people out and about.

However, while taking a series of photos against a building, a group of people walked by. The first, a woman, quietly said “awe” while looking at Summer nursing her little girl. The others seemed to have walked by a horror show, as their eyes opened widely and they gasped loudly. After they passed, another women commented, “I can’t believe we are seeing that in ROUND ROCK.”

That. Right there. That is why I will continue to take public breastfeeding photos. Why yes, there is a baby eating in public, and it is completely normal. It isn’t something to be shamed, it should be celebrated. Yes, this mom has made the very selfless decision to nurse her child as long as she can! We should be thanking her for doing what she feels is best for her child!

Summer and I could only laugh it off (as we have both heard similar comments before). I even captured Summer’s facial response to the comment, but I will save that photo for her personal collection!

I am honored to share these gorgeous breastfeeding photos, and I hope you love them as much as I do. #normalizebreastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public in downtown Round Rock TX
Breastfeeding in public in downtown Round Rock TX

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March 15, 2015

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