Sabrina Rexing Photos

Newborns. Maternity. Birth.

I’m delighted you’ve made it here! As a photographer based in Austin, my primary focus is to chronicle your family’s journey, but I am well aware of the joys and challenges that come with young children. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see me preparing a snack for a toddler while their parent gets ready, or encouraging a novice parent as they navigate wrapping their freshly born infant for the first time.


I’m a firm believer in the importance of capturing every story, acknowledging that families can vary greatly in structure and size. I spent several years as a boudoir photographer, and this taught me to focus on the little details.


You might have faced years of struggles with fertility, and wish to immortalize the little miracle that turned you into a resilient fighter. Alternatively, you could be embarking on a fresh start with a large, wonderfully diverse blended family.

Rest assured, I’ve got you covered. I’m eager and ready to help document your unique narrative.